Education loan for study abroad - Apply for Overseas education loan in India from Eduloans at low interest and get an education loan to study abroad over Rs 40-50 lakh with flexible.

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How much loan can I get for studying in UK?

Education loans for the UK are readily available from among all the 16 lenders at Edu loans. The UK has always been a popular destination to study among Indian students due to its world class facil...

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What is the interest rate for an education loan...

The avanse education loan can also be availed in case the collateral documents are not complete. Avanse credit team can take a credit decision based on the overall profile of the student.

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Who is an eligible Cosigner?

Cibil is a body which provides the credit score of any Indian individual. The score ranges from 300 to 800. Majority of the financial institutions want a credit rating of above 650. In case the par...

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The Product Proposed by Eduloans

Studying abroad is generally beyond the affordability of an average Indian household. However, education loans by different financial institutions render the much-needed respite to the aspiring st...

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