Different types of home inspection a buyer can do


Usually the home inspections are carried out to find the existing defects and problems in your house. However, if the home inspector finds out any relevant problems in your house which requires specialist opinion, they will ask you to do something. Moreover, a special opinion would allow you to conduct a much detailed investigation.

It is for this reason that there are different kinds of home inspection which you should be taking care of. Some of the most prominent types of home inspection which are usually carried out by the people include the following.


During your normal home inspection, the inspector thoroughly looks for the chimney. But, there are chances that your home inspector may not be able to understand a certain defect. The old chimneys usually have crumbling bricks and damaged flue liners. Thus, this kind of problem can only be solved by a chimney inspector. They will understand the reason for smoke not being discharged properly and then take measures to repair it. Ada Plans

Heat and Air Conditioning

Heat and air conditioning or HVAC system is one of the most important aspect of the house. Usually the home inspector notices a fluctuation in the temperature for the system and thus recommends a specialist to check it. Most of the times, these systems need to be thoroughly checked to find out the reason for malfunctioning. Moreover, when you try to fix it, the professional can help you with the overall procedure. They can inform you about the cost of unit. If the problem is serious, they may ask you to replace the system completely.


A foundation of a house is what makes it strong. If your foundation isn't strong, everything would crumble down which is why it is necessary to take important steps. The home inspector will inform if the house was built on slab or foundation. But a more expertise view from the engineer will help you understand if the foundation has any fault or not. Building Plans


Most of the sellers do not want to pay for the roof inspection. If your seller does not, it is better as a buyer for you to pay for it and check it. To carry out a roof inspection, you should prefer contacting any expert from a reputable company. The experts give you a report so that you can claim later in case of any problem. If there are any problems on the roof, you should prefer changing it.

Sewer and septic damage

A damage in the sewer and septic tank can prove to be a great loss. Thus, you should take necessary measures to get rid of it. You should prefer conducting a sewer or septic inspection to know about its condition. Since the technology has rapidly advanced, the professionals now insert the digital camera in the pipeline and push it through to detect the problem. In some of the cases, the videos are recorded too for better knowledge. Railings Plans

There are other types of inspection too for gases, chemicals, wood, molds, water systems, plumbing and many more. Apart from normal home inspection, a further improved view can be of great help.

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