Diet for diabetic children

Important advice for a diabetic diet, especially for children Feeding a child with diabetes is one of the most important steps in treating him, so you should follow these tips: The blood sugar level should be checked 4-7 times daily to ensure that the blood sugar level is good, and also to determine the required insulin level. You must calculate the number of carbohydrates your diabetic child eats. Check with the doctor who supervises your child’s treatment regularly to determine his diet, because it varies according to age, height, health status, and gender. Focus on the importance of exercise for your child because it will fight obesity, and it will help the body absorb insulin faster. Its diet should be varied and contain grains, starches, vegetables, meat, fruits, fats, and milk. He has to eat 3 main meals and from 2 to 3 snacks throughout the day. The child should reduce the intake of high-fat foods and fried foods, and replace them with low-fat foods. Constantly drinking plenty of water and fluids. Diversify the diets and not deprive the child of any type of food. The child can be made to eat sweets or sugar but in certain quantities. In the end, you must follow a diabetic diet, especially for children

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