Christmas trees NZ


At Flexilight, we want you to have the best and most magical Christmas possible. An important part of the Christmas experience is your Christmas tree. We offer a fantastic selection so you can find the perfect option for your home or business, with quality and affordable prices guaranteed. As the leader in artificial Christmas trees and fairy lights in NZ, we won't let you down. Our range of Christmas trees is suitable for all locations in NZ. That range includes options from five-foot to 12-foot. You'll also find specialist Christmas tree options in our range, including slimline trees for smaller rooms and spaces, fully white Christmas trees if you love that snow-capped look, and Christmas trees with green branches and white tips. We also have Christmas trees with LEDs pre-installed as well as deluxe Christmas trees with a large number of tips to give the tree a lush and full appearance. We even have space-saving half Christmas trees available. We’ve got the latest Christmas tree technologies too, including options that you can control with your phone. All the Christmas trees in our range are available for delivery anywhere in NZ. You can have confidence in the quality too, including in the strength of the centre pole that provides much of the structure and stability of the tree. Browse the range today. Also Fibre Optic Trees, Santa, Garlands and Wreaths to make your lounge or Indoor Area truelly festive. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) shine very brightly and surrounded by a PVC casing the LED Ropelight is very versatile for Houses, Boats and Cars. LED Ropelight can be used to brighten up an outdoor area to help you enjoy an evening meal, or to add that sparkle to your existing light display. Flexilight LED Ropelight will last 10 - 15 years, the LED's have a 100'000 hr lifespan and the Ropelight PVC has a UV protectant to protect it from the strong New Zealand sun. Flexilight LED Ropelight can come in any length upto 100 Metres, it can come static (full on) or with a controller to make it chase and flash. Flexilight LED Ropelight is New Zealand Safety Approved. Flexilight LED Ropelight uses very power 90% less than a stardard Ropelight. Low Ampage = safe lighting. For more info:

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