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Showing popular new thermal control silver fiber material . The reason why this material is popular is that it can form heat reflection and heat circulation.

This material appears on many fitness, shaping, and fat-burning clothing. Lightweight and waterproof are the characteristics of this material.

The following 3 products contain this material.

1.Junlan Thermal-Cycle Zipper Sweat Shaper Vest

Junlan sweat zipper tank top made of novel silver fiber texture, can rapidly create warm cycle sauna experience. The sauna vest can consume 300-500 calories in 20-30 minutes when you exercise, quickening your weight reduction measure. 

The Sport Shapewear with exemplary round neck and zipper close plan, which breeze to put on and take off, permitting you can decide to wear it covered up under your garments of you wish. It can help your body appear as though all the more thinning and firm. 

Men's Sweat Tank top not just reasonable for the any game action to shed pounds ( running/climbing/yoga/water sport and so forth,) yet in addition can help you re-shape your body, the high versatility pressure material will solidified and level stomach and offer light help, help you look sure. 

2.Junlan High Waist Burst Sweat Fitness Sports Pants

Made by new material warmth control fragment covering, the sauna impact amplify,sweating more than expected game jeans. The burst sweat wellness sport pants make your thigh muscle consuming , quicken your weight reduction measure. 

The material have high-flexibility feature,the versatility of the texture can wrap the fat on the legs and shape an even body.The sport pants coordinated with flexible elastic band, which is delicate, making it more agreeable and snug. 

It is reasonable for running/climbing/badminton/volleyball and so forth, assisting you with quickening perspiring and detoxification during wearing to accomplish a solid fat consuming and thinning impact.

3.Junlan Women Sweat Heat Zipper Sauna Long Sleeve

Ladies sauna long sleeve made by new unique perspiring warmed silver polymer texture, it can rapidly deliver heat reflection and course, help you support internal heat level and elevate perspiring up to multiple times, abbreviate weight reduction measure. 

Contrasted and customary neoprene sauna suit , our exercise zipper coat is made of overhaul lightweight and delicate material. It is more skin-accommodating and simple to convey. 

Ladies sweat heat zipper sauna long sleeve top is outfitted with a tough and sturdy zipper ,it is not difficult to take on/off.With comfort side pocket for you to store individual little things like key/telephone while you work out.

Special heat-collecting silver material, no unpleasant neoprene smell, comfortable to wear every day, skin-friendly. 

It can quickly produce heat reflection and circulation, help increase the natural heat in the body, promote blood flow, and thus increase body temperature. In a short time, stimulate more sweating and burn more calories during exercise.

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