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(January 20, 2021): A new addition to the list of high-quality fashion websites is Soeur Co. 26-year old entrepreneur, Modestee, happens to be the founder of the online store and shares ownership with her sisters. The online market is booming with clothing brands and stores carrying the hottest accessories. However, when it comes to the high-quality fashion statements, Soeur Co happens to be on the front row. The word Soeur (pronounced as So-your) is a derivative of the French word meaning sisters. Visit them on the web and you are sure to find a great addition to your wardrobe. The online store is a one-stop solution for all your fashion requirements. Be it a girl, a woman, or a mom, there is something for everyone. They are proud to bring out so many variations of fashion products for the mass. Along with variety, Soeur Co is also getting ahead by offering top quality fashion at affordable prices. The company is based in Virginia Beach, VA, and Cleveland, OH but ships worldwide. All these options make the website even more special. In fact, the website itself is very simple to navigate and contains all the details for each product on the individual product pages. Other than this online store, the social media Influencer, Modestee co-owns an online store called Kure by Ky with an 8-year-old entrepreneur, Kyler-Peyton. The website of this store is where a lot of beauty products and accessories are available. This site equally offers variations of quality products for online shoppers. About Modestee (Tee Seabrone): She is an entrepreneur and social media influencer interested in working in the fashion and beauty industry and has come up with a wide variation of shops and products. Media contact: PO Box 5043, Virginia Beach, Va 23471 800-757-3520 Website ###

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